Monday, December 23, 2013

Anti aging medicine by Vikram Jayaprakash

Nowadays, it clear that not only women who want to look good. All the times, the anti aging treatments were made and targeted in making female population look nice. Men also are largely ignored and it is important to consider them nowadays. But nowadays, everything has changed and men have been taken care of in making sure that they also look good even in their age of 90s. Men also are looking for the best way in making themselves looks good. This means, that they have a skin that is great, no wrinkles, plenty or vitality and also the black marks. Also the research has shown that most men are enjoying the new look of being youthful.

Signs of aging in men

Foe men age, it is too reached to have very much like in the menopause age. The male menopause is characterized by the pale, dry skin, wrinkles, fatigue, decreasing muscles, irritability, weight fluctuation and again low sex drive. To make this clear, the hormone levels use to drop by the age of 42 and this may continue until it reaches the age of 1% in every year. This is made in the absence of medical intervention.
Hormones are powerful little guys. They are in charge of controlling important body functions and keep the body in full balance. So, when there is a hormonal imbalance, metabolic functions also experience a slowdown. This is when aging sets in. Men who lived a life of vigor and strength will now experience their energy levels and physical performance going south. Testosterone levels which were already sinking from the age of 25 begin depleting faster. The result is aging skin and body.

Anti aging therapy for women

The studies have revealed that the hormones replacement therapies can be delayed to the male aging process because this may make the hormonal imbalance. But it is good to ask yourself, what kind of hormone replacement therapy is good for men. You will understand this if you get all the information about aging process by Vikram Jayaprakash.

In the past, hormones were massed and produced in a way that is more popular in the anti aging treatments around. However, it is good to understand that these hormones are also had when it comes to devastating sides because they were not quite and natural in the human body. It is good to understand that hormones are like keys. The next thing is that to carry out the functions effectively, they must fit in the lock in the right way. This is in turn help to unpredictable results in different peoples. This is why some of the people develop dreadful side effects from the replaced hormones. This includes the cancer and heart problem. 
Finally, it is to understand that this may lead the development of bioidentical hormones. This is a similar structure to that of natural hormones that is produced by the human body. The reason is that they are the exact match in making the men enjoy the aging process.

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